As 2009 draws to a close, there are ominous rumblings that next year is not going to be any easier and may be a lot worse. So what can we do to lessen the risks in 2010?

Great business advice suggests that with predictions that corporate blogs will be more influential than websites in two years and expertise in social media differentiating the business winners, are you engaging online with your customers and prospects to ensure business growth?

What if we banned Christmas? Wouldn’t it be lovely not have to sit there and get writers cramp, writing those Christmas cards to people you hardly know. And then there is the rushing around the shops, finding presents for distant relatives you know little about…

Here’s how to apply the ‘Lean’ process in 4 Key Steps

With the ever growing volume of advice,on strategic planning – what will you do DIFFERENTLY in 2010 to keep ahead of the competition and increase market share?

If businesses stopped measuring their bonuses on financial criteria – and started measuring them on behaviour – would they lose fewer customers?

According to the CEO of Hillenbrand, the USA’s largest manufacturer of caskets, coffin sales are down “because of lower death numbers”.