Why is your business still going when so many are crashing? – a vital question in leadership coaching In his book Leap of Strength, CEO advisor Walt Sutton, an entrepreneur who has started, built and sold three companies, talks about the missed business growth and market opportunities – because he didn’t know the special inner […]

Is your balance sheet strong enough to cope with the great recovery? What about cash in your business? Have you got enough cash to weather the storm?

With customers’ perceptions of value subtly changing over the past twelve months and customer retention more critical than ever, this executive coaching and business training advice poses some key questions: Do you know what your customers value now compared to what they valued 12 months ago? If not, do you have a process to find […]

My initiation as guest speaker at Richard Bosworth’s Vistage 18 group of MDs and CEOs who have earned their formidable nickname of ‘Tigers of the North’ – was powerful and memorable. The group’s 2-day retreat saw us slip sliding for 3 miles in hiking boots and a multitude of layers along a riverside against driving […]

Let’s be honest…most of us find financial figures baffling and boring at best, and regard them as a necessary evil. But what if you had someone on board who could make them come alive for you and your management team and inject some excitement and pace into the finance section of its meetings? A good […]

So you’re fed up with it all, just want to be shot of the whole shebang and ride off into the sunset.
But are you ready? Do you really mean it? Have you thought it through?
Or are you just letting off steam, as usual?

Change is the lifeblood of business, and will always drive it.
Those who doubt this are either too fearful of their position to focus on the true picture, or are lulled into believing in no-change because it is easier.

What would be your three word phrase for the year ahead? Make more profit, see more people, take a break? They are all good suggestions and I encourage you to pick one that suits you and your business. Mine is ‘try more things’ and that is why I’m encouraging high performing and progressive CEOs to […]

Some people simply aren’t born with the discipline “gene.”