As a strategy consultant to many senior business people, I know that during the past year or so many CEOs and owners have felt trapped in their companies, as they struggle to survive and change. This is prompting many to question whether they’re in the right place. With the worst possibly behind us and some […]

Is your business driving you, or are you driving the business? Are you really getting out of the business what you want? Or are you getting up every day thinking ‘oh dear what more problems have I got to solve!’

One key responsibility of an effective performance coach is to keep up with the latest thinking and practice by constantly reading relevant sources of information. Ever the diligent business trainer, I noticed that, in his recent blog Entrepreneurs Start Asking the Right Questions, Cameron Herold related a story from his mentor about his time at […]

In my capacity as a management consultant I often ask my clients, “You are a superb leader of your business – aren’t you?” You regularly: Communicate the mission and vision with clarity and purpose Provide guidance and light during the darkest changes When uncertainty arises, you implement a calm, clear, and focused plan for your […]

As an expert in strategy consulting and leadership coaching, I want to share with you 6 key responsibilities that will enable CEOs and business owners to power their companies beyond the £5m, 50 people stage. A mature business demands a different type of leadership according to Rupert Merson in his book “Rules Are Not Enough: […]

Are you among the CEOs and business owners who spend too long in the business achieving too little? Do you focus on what you want to do instead of what you need to do? In part 1 of this post on achieving a 30 hour working week, I asked you as an expert in performance […]

Do you, like more than 60% plus of CEOs and business owners, clock up over 60 hours a week? If the answer is YES (as it invariably is when I start work as an executive coach with new clients) – ask yourself: I am really being effective? Am I setting a good example to my […]

As an executive coach I challenge you as an existing or as an up and coming MD or CEO to tell me if you know exactly what you want from your business and personal life. Fast forward 3-5 years and see, feel and hear what you want to BE by firstly filling in the personal […]

You may be surprised that a successful management consultant of many years’ standing regularly urges CEOs to think and act more like street traders. But it seems to this performance coach that street traders and stall holders do exactly what you as a CEO should: choose what to buy or produce, then decide where and […]