As an experienced strategy consultant, I understand how vital knowing the answer to that question can be. Which type of leader you are can make all the difference to the rate at which your business develops and grows. If you’re finding it hard to make the transition from entrepreneur to CEO/business builder, you may be […]

Do you constantly feel wiped out? Have you had a break since Christmas? Do you know what you want from your life? As an executive coach I advocate that bosses achieve the often illusive work/life balance. My expertise in business training has taught me to ensure the CEOs and MDs I coach have both a […]

Every CEO and MD is seeking the panacea to growing sales in this turbulent climate. Further to my earlier blog post, my question to you as an executive coach and business training expert is: Have you sat down with your key Strategic Customers and asked them how you can achieve this? Decades of strategy consulting […]

All too often in my field of management consultancy and business training I see leaders severely restricting their company’s growth due to their own burgeoning ‘mental clutter’. With April approaching, stop procrastinating and, in the truest sense of a ‘Spring Clean’, tackle those troublesome decisions that you have swept under the carpet – and hoped […]

Do you know what your critical success factors are?

When innovating and creating new business ideas and concepts – do you test and challenge:
* How robust your idea is?
* If your people have the necessary skills to make it work?
* If the idea will pass muster with your customers and prospects?