Do you sometimes feel ‘out of control’? Do you feel the business is the boss? Do you regularly want to want to ‘get off the bus’    If ‘The tail wagging the dog’ springs to mind – as an executive coach I advise you as a business owner to take urgent action.  Remind yourself why you’re […]

How do you motivate your teams with severely constrained budgets?  In my role as an executive coach and leadership coaching expert I wanted to share with you Telis Demos’s article in Fortune Magazine.  “Rewarding more employees, more often with less money may work better than giving just a few a whole lot”, he says in […]

The domino effects of the current credit squeeze I blogged about also impact on the dramatic shift in buying patterns.       As an executive coach working with SMEs in wide-ranging sectors, I want to share with you that:  Some customers are buying smaller quantities more often Others are holding minimum inventories and demanding delivery at very […]

As an executive coach I can’t stress enough that our shifting and turbulent business landscape means that nothing is the same – and that includes credit controls.    With the banks collective doors remaining firmly shut and late customer payments, coupled with suppliers demanding early payments becoming the norm, urgent action may be needed.            In my […]

As a business strategist, I know how important it is to be aware of which tools to use, when and how. With the growing importance of social media, the following chart from is a useful start point.                 Social Media Action Plan Template Tool Purpose and Strategy […]

Here’s your leadership coach’s quick and easy way to discover whether your senior management team are singing in perfect harmony or marching to different drums. This experienced business mentor calls it the Five Key Priorities approach: Take your three-year vision and, if you haven’t already done so, break it down into 12 quarterly targets/objectives. For […]

Spring is sprung – at least in the northern hemisphere – the days are becoming brighter and warmer, and many people, including even strategy consultants, are therefore developing sunnier dispositions! Without being unduly pessimistic, the bad news, however, is that this will be a strictly temporary phenomenon, as autumn and winter are bound to return […]

Would you like to come away from your monthly management meetings feeling inspired and energised, confident your team will achieve success and it all agreed in less than an hour? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, here’s a further query from an experienced strategy consultant. Why not start the new financial year, or […]

With many businesses now reaching their financial year end, now’s a good time for your leadership mentor to suggest taking stock of how you, as the CEO or company owner, have performed. I’ve therefore developed the following CEO/business owner self assessment questionnaire. The objective of this is to review your results against seven key performance […]