Imagine your perfect management meeting where everyone leaves energised and full of enthusiasm, where your top team know what the top picture is, what they’ve got to do and how they’re going to do it.

In these uncertain times the only way to succeed is to create your future. And the only way to create your future is to enjoy a burgeoning sales order book. Generating more sales was the focus of a workshop with Kraig Kramers on his CEO Tools which I facilitated with a group of CEOs to […]

Are your sales people firing on all cylinders to keep the pipeline flowing through the current economic turmoil? As a business strategist and executive coach specialising in business development in uncertain socio political and economic times, take action now as a CEO or business owner to keep the sales order book continually full. Share the […]

Do your sales people regard your customers as adversaries? Do they invest time with customers who can boost your growth and profits? Do they share expertise and ‘know-how’ with customers to collectively solve problems?  My performance coaching with CEOs and business owners can transform your sales employees from acting like one of string of suppliers […]

Are you adapting to your customers changing needs and demands? Are you constantly being pro-active on their behalf? Are you supporting them with innovation and development?   As an expert in leadership coaching who helps companies to grow in uncertain times, I can prove that doing the above will strengthen your business and your customers’ companies.  […]

Confusion and uncertainly sparked by an unstable political and financial climate leaves you, the CEO and business leader, clamouring for a crystal ball to work out: How to stay afloat How to cope with the changes your customers will demand How to keep your team focused and effective How to fund your business as things […]

While everyone is looking for that magical “silver bullet” to get sales and profits moving again in these new uncharted waters, those in the know are back working the basics and quietly producing results.  As strategy consultants know, the first step in this process is to apply Pareto’s Law – the 80/20 ratio – to […]

Some aspects of managing in a volatile environment, such as focusing on operational efficiency and staying liquid, are givens. But more important are the abilities to scale up and down and reconfigure resources rapidly.   As a Business Strategy Consultant and Top Executive Coach I find these are issues that are constantly debated.  Scaling up and […]