As a business strategist my previous blog highlighted the importance of creating the right organisational structure that reflects how you want the business to operate and not one that reflects functionality and seniority.   One of the keys is to build it around roles and not individuals – often easier said than done.  To separate the […]

In his new book Predictable Success, Les McKeown quotes Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE who said: “When you put your foot on the gas in this company, the car goes forward.” Les McKeown observes: “While this might sound like a vacuous truism, the reality is that leaders of most organisations can’t say such things.” As […]

What is your sales strategy to grow your business? What type of customers do you have – and do the personalities of your sales people match up? Simple questions yet, as an executive coach I continually discover that they yield a wealth of sales improvement opportunities. Matching up the right sales person with the right […]

As a business strategist I’m constantly gobsmacked at how little thought CEOs and senior sales people give to where – and how – they will get business growth. Apply the rule of 4 and set a strategy in place to: Sell existing products and services to existing customers To do this you need detailed records […]

As a business strategist, I observe how the truly successful companies are making the transition to what I call ‘The new sales normal’.  By this I mean that they’ve stopped selling and started engaging their customers in conversations about their changing needs and requirements.  This more meaningful approach reinforces their understanding of the importance of […]

Are you making inroads to support your customers through tough times and become their strategic partners? As a business strategist and ‘CEO tormentor’, I work with leaders including Mark Lewis of Analox, who recently tweeted about his team’s excitement and motivation following a successful visit to a major customer. We’ve previously discussed your sales people […]

Have you thought about giving the people who are the closest to your customers – and who are invariably great communicators – responsibility for dealing with credit issues? As a business strategist I advocate your Customer Service people inject their warm personalities into this clinical function at a time when giving your customers the best […]