In my previous post I gave you some ‘wake up’ questions which prompted you to think how you will jump start your sales.  The questions from sales guru Jack Daly challenged you on growth strategy and included key areas such as sales and marketing, presenting data to customers as well as branding and communication.     If […]

As an executive coach I have found that many business leaders and sales managers have their own ideas about how they are going to jump start sales. Unfortunately in my vast experience in strategy consulting, most of them don’t live up to expectations – and if they do there is no plan to sustain the […]

While customers are constantly looking for ways to lower cost and improve margins they are also looking for new innovations to increase their market appeal and or competitiveness, just look at the success of smart phones and the iPad. Innovation doesn’t have to be a ground breaking new technology it is about the execution and […]

In my last post I asked you where you want to be in four years’ time; whether you are ready to make the transition to a new role, freeing up your time to try new challenges and experiences. Let’s assume you feel you are ready, and you have the requisite management team in place. As […]

Where would you like to be in four years’ time? At this time of year the answer may well include references to tropical seas and golden sands… If only! Back to reality, however: if you’re lucky enough to be soaking up the sun, enjoying a break with the family, give some thought to the question […]

According to popular wisdom, more businesses fail coming out of a recession than going into it. This is often attributed to a lack of funding to support the new growth. However, it is also because the business model is not robust enough to survive in a new environment.   Is your business model tough enough? As […]

Identifying the drivers behind the profitability of your business – and maximising their impact –  is  key to its future prosperity.  In my last post  we looked at the bigger picture – the broader areas of your business that harbour its primary profit drivers. Now it’s time for me to take on the mantle of performance […]

Knowing where and how profit is made in your business – and how to maximise it – is key to surviving and prospering in the new economic cycle.  As a company leader you have no doubt made tough decisions during the last two years, slashing costs and trying to hold onto sales. The question now […]