If you doubted that you would ever be able to hit your goals, then absorb these motivating words from Tyler Perry which I wanted to share with you as a business mentor and executive coach. Stay In the Climb Yesterday I was hiking a mountain in Hawaii with a friend. I was labouring up this […]

“If you want different results, change your activities”. This powerful call to action from business mentor and executive coach Jack Daly has galvanized me to change tack on more than one occasion – with great success.   With so many businesses hunkering down, cutting costs, bemoaning a sales shortage – and allowing their sales teams to […]

As a business strategist I acknowledge that few of your employees can become the company’s next CEO. As re my previous posts on boosting employee morale, motivating your sales people and conducting the perfect management meeting, I urge you to recognise and nurture the people on your bus for the valuable role they play. Watching […]

Has your company cut a few too many corners during the recession? How happy are your customers right now? How often are you monitoring customer satisfaction? If your business has cut so many corners that it can’t compete in customer service – your problem isn’t the economy – it’s the swinging cuts you’ve made. Yes, […]

In my previous post I challenged you to think about the structure of your business – and asked you if your people are focusing on the right things. As a specialist in leadership coaching, I also questioned whether your departments are operating a ‘turf war’ in which you end up as referee – a role […]

Are the people in your business organised and focused on the right things – or are they still busy fighting the ‘silo wars’? Do each of your departments operate in ‘near isolation’; jealously guarding their turf from interference by others? Do you continually end up as referee and peace maker between your various warring factions? […]

Business strategies often fail because things don’t happen as planned. A common cause of failure – drawing on my decades of expertise in performance coaching – is the absence of a plan that ensures the correct flow of goods, services, and whatever else is needed to deliver the strategic goals.  In an increasingly competitive market […]

From my experience as a business strategist and executive coach, too many top executives have the self limiting belief that ‘only they can do it’. They also often run out of inspiration to think creatively so they keep on doing what they’ve always done and, guess what?- they keep on getting what they’ve always got. […]

As a business strategist I’m always looking out for interesting new ideas to improve the companies of the MDs and CEOs I coach and mentor. I wanted to share with you the following article from Net Profit Quest about applying the 3 Laws of Marketing Physics to turn your business into a monopoly. So what […]