How much more effective would your business be if your financial manager gave you the right figures every month – and was commercially savvy? My last blog “What if you got on top of your numbers” sparked a number of queries about the additional information you should expect your financial manager to provide – as […]

As a business strategist I know the enormous difference that a great finance manager can make to a company. Two recent examples have re-enforced the value of such a person. The first entailed a business owner (who is a qualified accountant), who very reluctantly invested in hiring an experienced financial manager. The manager paid for […]

That’s how you build a company from no sales to selling a business for $1.2 billion in 11 years. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and author of “Delivering Happiness” – in which he shares the different lessons he has learned in business and life – did exactly that. According to Wikipedia he is said […]

Can you expand in spite of a double dip recession I ask as a business strategist? Respected economist Roger Martin-Fagg urges us to prepare for another rollercoaster journey as the recession’s second dip kicks in. “Get ready for another rocky ride and concentrate on getting even better at what you are already good at. Think […]

Scaling up, doing more of what you are really good at with better distribution and more customers is the key to SME success according to research by Professor Edward D. Hess from the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business. Growing too fast, however, overwhelms your processes, people and controls. As a business strategist […]

I previously challenged you to find out what the often overused phrases “getting closer to the customer” and “customer intimacy” really meant by listening to – and eyeballing – your customers to find out what’s really important to them. As a strategy consultant, let me stress that this is just one element of the bigger […]

Over the next 5 years customers will demand that their suppliers possess a greater understanding of their needs. These are the powerful predictions of 82 per cent of the world’s business leaders who took part in an IBM poll. Seventy per cent of them said customers will expect new and different services – and 88 […]

“If you want different results, change your activities”. This powerful call to action from business mentor and executive coach Jack Daly has galvanized me to change tack on more than one occasion – with great success. With so many businesses hunkering down, cutting costs, bemoaning a sales shortage – and allowing their sales teams to […]