Could you replace one of your top managers if they were to leave tomorrow? As a business strategist and executive coach all too often I find business owners and leaders uncomfortable about answering this question – because they haven’t given enough thought to proper succession planning. With annual pay reviews pending, now is an ideal […]

How would you tackle project managing the assignments that Lord Sugar or Donald Trump dole out to their apprentices? When allocating tasks would you check out past deliverables and achievements to find out who is best suited to do what?  In my experience as a business strategist people frequently put themselves forward or are assigned […]

CEOs and MDs the world over can regale you with horror stories of costly management mistakes which have hampered business growth, taken their eye off the ball – and drained resources. In my experience as a business coach and strategist, many business owners and leaders fail to question if their managers are the right people […]

Securing sales is more challenging and complex than ever – and process alone is not the answer.  As an executive coach, I ask you if your salespeople can do the following:  Intuitively understand who they need on the team to make a deal? Understand the politics inside the client’s organisation? Solve problems creatively and resourcefully?   […]

In today’s uncertain times having a high degree of visible income makes planning for the future much easier. It’s an assured income stream – contracted revenue such as service and maintenance agreements, regular monthly commitments including rental and lease income.  As most business strategists will tell you, the higher the level of visible income, the […]

Do you know what your people are most proud of individually – and as teams? If you did know, how would you use it as a corner stone of your strategic plan? Harnessing the power of your people’s past achievements enables you to build a more successful future. In my experience as a business strategist, […]

What if… you went off somewhere quiet for two days and tapped into the inner you? What if… you took stock of what you have actually achieved? What if… you then decided what you would like to achieve – and how you will do this? When practising the work/ life balance I preach as an […]

Faced with three identical competing suppliers which would you choose? All too often it comes down to price. Why, because in my experience as a business strategist, no one has given you a compelling reason to choose them or justify their higher price. If you have a compelling reason – competitive advantage, which your sales […]

Taking decisions when you are exhausted and not thinking clearly can be detrimental to your bottom line – and your health. As an executive coach, I’ve always been a big champion of encouraging the CEOs and MDs I mentor and coach to achieve a healthy work/life balance so they can be more effective and productive. […]