What low cost or no cost ideas do you have for creating even better customer experiences to  encourage them to maintain and increase the amount of business they do with you? With budgets still under pressure and anecdotal evidence that inflation is on the rise, finding ways to overcome buyer resistance is moving to the […]

Do you really understand your customers and their needs? Do you put yourself in their shoes before communicating to them and delivering for them? Are you sometimes guilty of working to your agenda as opposed to theirs? As an experienced executive coach and business strategist I challenge you to step back and remind yourself of […]

It’s the time of year when business leaders are stepping up the gas to kick start their 2011 strategic planning. With the countdown to next year underway, I challenge you as an experienced executive coach and business strategist to change your business for the better by ensuring that all your people are driving forces – […]

With the recession on the wane, are you stepping up and taking control as a leader to change your enterprise for the better? In an article in Businessweek, Jill J Morin outlines nine golden rules for rebooting your company.  As an experienced business strategist and executive coach I regard doing this as a ‘must do’ […]

As a leader, business owner or senior manager, are you trapped in the day-to-day instead of planning for the future? In my last blog I referred to a recent report highlighting the difference between effective and ineffective FDs. The conclusion was – if your FD is consistently underperforming, get rid fast. This blog focuses on […]

Do you recognise any of the following warning signs in your Financial Director or Financial Manager? Poor financial reports Loss of confidence from the team Lack of attention to detail Late reporting If so your FD is ineffective – and immediate action needs to be taken. As a business strategist and executive coach I all […]

Focusing on the wrong things, underperforming management teams and not moving or responding fast enough were the three things a group of business owners would address if they took over running a business of their choice. The biggest change almost all of the business owners would make is to widen the focus of the company. […]

So you and your business have survived the Great Recession. However, how healthy is your business – and how are you going to plot your way ahead? As a business strategist and executive coach I have found Warren Buffett’s four key tests below to be a very valuable set of measurable criteria to plot and […]

What if you changed your advisors and mentors and brought in fresh thinking and new ideas to broaden your horizons and raise your expectations? As an business advisor I cannot underestimate the powerful impact that this will have on your business. Fortune Magazine recounts how Oprah Winfrey was heading into semi retirement when David Zaslav […]