How effective is your sales & marketing department at collectively creating, driving and managing revenue across multiple channels? As a business strategist and executive coach the thoughts of Philip Fernandez,CEO of Marketo, really resonated with me and highlighted the challenges ahead. With many business leaders now clearly focused on growth, it is concerning that 80% […]

What are your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions? As a business strategist and executive coach here are some of my suggestions: Act fast and hard, you can always adjust later Always have a plan B Have a long term strategy that is understood by employees, customers, business partners and be prepared to change at a moment’s […]

With 2011 just around the corner what are you going to do differently in the year ahead to achieve more and maybe get your life back?  As an Executive Coach and Business Strategist I find asking clients to work through a series of strategic reboot exercises is a good place to start. What’s worked and […]

Where do your salespeople add real value? Do they add value finding new customers or in building face to face relations?  Could they boost their effectiveness via online marketing opportunities? My inspiration for this post was sparked by Lanny Goodman of Management Technologies Inc  who asked his LinkedIn peers  they had closed or downsized their […]

What are you doing to make your sales offering more exciting without completely decimating your margins? Some good learns have come out of the success of this year’s Black Friday – the day when Americans tackle their Christmas shopping. While the event did not kick start the next business boom and the average increase was […]

Experts recommend taking copious vitamins, exercising regularly, soaking up the sun and drinking plenty of fluids (of the non alcoholic kind!) for surviving and thriving throughout the challenging winter climate. As a business strategist and executive coach I challenge you with the following questions: What have you and your business learned from the first arctic […]

Have you planned how to deal with inflation and how it will impact your business? With increasing anecdotal evidence that inflation is on the move again, how prepared are you for this new threat? While the levels will hopefully not reach those of the 70’s and 80’s, there are certain lessons to be remembered. It […]

Did you know that less than 65% of strategic plans are executed as agreed and of those less than 40% realise their full potential? My extensive experience as a business strategist and executive coach tells me that failure to implement a strategy often starts with the top team. It’s critical that your management team is […]

As a business strategist and executive coach I highly recommend you and your teams sample the ambience of continental cafes where conversation and creativity flows freely – accompanied by the potent aromas of coffee, Paninis and patisseries. Engaging your people in conversations that enable them to discover what they are individually and collectively most proud […]