Are you changing the way you think and creating fresh ideas? Are you seeking growth in new geographic areas? Are you reaching out to related or new markets? Having beaten the competition and survived both the Credit Crunch and Great Recession, it’s time to emerge from your safety blanket and grab some of the new […]

“Don’t sell the silver to the servants” was advice given to me by an owner of a successful family business when I started out and it still holds true today.  As businesses begin to recover from the Great Recession, senior managers are starting to flex their negotiating muscles in the hope they can recoup what they […]

Selling your business is the biggest deal you are ever going to make – and how well prepared you are will determine the outcome you achieve. “How do I actually go about selling my business?” is a question I frequently get asked by business owners on a Monday morning after a bad week or weekend. […]

  You need to think very carefully before you decide to exit your business. With all the economic uncertainty and the prospect of low to moderate business growth over the next five years, the idea of getting out is very appealing to many business owners and leaders.  I know it’s not that simple or easy, […]

Taking your customers for granted can be very costly, so having a plan that keeps them engaged can pay handsome dividends. Your customer engagement strategy does not need to be big and complex. As an experienced executive coach and business strategist, here are four simple and effective options you can use to achieve greater customer […]

There are five things that top CEOs and business owners are doing to get a competitive advantage in 2011 according to the PrincewaterhouseCoopers 2010 CEO report – and they all revolve around the people in the business. Here I look at the final three (see my previous blog – for part one). Responding To Changing […]

Part 1 There are five things top CEOs and business owners are doing to get a competitive advantage in 2011 according to the PrincewaterhouseCoopers’ 2010 CEO report – and they all revolve around people in the business. The full implications of the 2009/10 savage attacks on costs are now becoming apparent as many CEOs find the ability […]

Many CEOs have ended 2010 concerned about how they are going to grow their business in 2011 – having made bigger cuts than expected, spent lots of time on people issues and discovered the lack of risk management in their businesses during 2010. As a business strategist and executive coach I find the results of […]