What if you grabbed a fantastic opportunity to bank some more precious family moments in your family’s visual and verbal scrap book? To do this you need to take time out so you can take advantage of this quality time out without feeling chained to your business. As UK families enjoy half term by jetting […]

Managing inflation will be a top priority for business owners and leaders as life with inflation becomes the norm. Preserving margin is therefore crucial in my experience as a Business Strategist and Executive Coach. To do this requires a carefully thought out and executed strategy – the cornerstones of which are: Know your costs in […]

What’s a great way to invest £45,000 to boost sales?  As a business strategist and executive coach I’ve noticed how more companies are getting in front of their customers again at trade shows and exhibitions. Even in the fast moving social media and digital communications world of iPads and smart phones, business people still like […]

Are you ‘sticking to your knitting?” As a business strategist and executive coach let me remind you that this is the golden rule for business in times of downturn. So why have 53 per cent of businesses spent more time planning new products and services than they did the previous year and 66% invested more […]

What if you made it easier for new and existing customers to do business with you? Engaging and interacting with them requires understanding their journey and removing obstacles that make life difficult for them. This is a gold nugget which serial entrepreneur and marketing guru Andrew Thirkill recently shared with members of the Wealth Enhancement […]

Doubling the size of your business requires far more planning than most business owners and leaders anticipate based on my experience as a business strategist and executive coach. In my previous post the importance of learning from others’ experiences and of creating robust systems and processes which don’t depend on any one individual – and […]

Doubling the size of your business from say £5m to £10m is easier said than done. As an experienced business strategist and executive coach I have found that to do this successfully knowing what you don’t know is more important than what you do.  Here are two questions to get you thinking: 1) Do you […]

What if you could inspire your people like Martin Luther King and Barack Obama? What if you shared with your people your dreams? It’s not that hard, it just requires a shift in mindset, and as an experienced business strategist and executive coach I can tell you how. Both Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, […]