It seems that a good proportion of CEOs have an elevated opinion of their own company’s level of creativity. According to a recent survey, when 1200 CEOs were asked to rank their company’s innovation over 52 per cent of them felt they were in the top ten per cent of their industry. Now, I’m not […]

You can learn to be a better leader by looking at the satellite navigation system in your car. Here is what it can teach: 1. The Sat Nav stays focused on the destination. Regardless of blocked roads, obstacles, traffic and diversions it continues to focus on finding a way of reaching the strategic goal – […]

“I’m doing it for my family, to give them a better life” is the stock answer we all give when asked why we put ourselves through all the pain and heartache of owning and running a business.  And, in my experience as a business strategist and executive coach, some of us proudly produce the business […]

In my previous post, I wrote that “We become the stories we tell ourselves” As a business strategist and executive coach my question to you is “Are you a Possibilitarian?” Are you someone who sees vast new horizons of possibilities or are you hemmed in by doubts, fears and current worries? People performance and management […]

In my previous post, I talked about how we can learn a great deal about ourselves and our leadership from the stories we relate about our lives. As a business strategist and executive coach, I ask you to reflect on exactly where you are in the current chapter of your business life. Answer honestly if […]

The primary source of learning how to lead is experience and stories. As a business strategist and executive coach I hear many life stories and learn a great deal about business owners and their leadership strengths and weaknesses by just listening carefully to these stories. What I’ve discovered is that your life story and the […]

The thirty hour week is the dream of every business owner and leader I have worked with as a business strategist and executive coach.  Yet few make the dream a reality. What systems, processes and people have you put in place that allows you to: Focus on the things you truly enjoy doing and are […]

This question was posed by the Chairman of an SME company I work with as a business strategist and executive coach and he agreed to pose it to a group of his peers.  His concern is that people are, or will possibly, abuse the system and do not think before they charge things to their […]

How can business owners and leaders communicate better was a question posed on LinkedIn by media coach and mentor Michael Dodd  which got me thinking. I then came across Tom Peters Video Blog and in the first 60 seconds he delivers two key messages: the power of silence and let people tell their story. And […]