Not everyone is motivated by money, was the answer given to a business owner at a recent What If Forum in response to the question: “How do I motivate and reward my CEO who was appointed just over a year ago?” When closely questioned by his peers it became clear that this business owner did […]

As an experienced business strategist and executive coach I believe it’s valuable to do something your customers won’t expect. This blog is prompted by an anecdote from Roger Harrop, the CEO Expert. According to Roger, one of his clients discovered the ashtray from his BMW was missing after a service.  He phoned up the garage […]

How do you decide whether an investment decision is a good one – and what criteria do you use to select which option to back? As a business strategist and executive coach, I never cease to be amazed how vague some business owners and entrepreneurs are about what constitutes a good or bad decision for […]

Are you holding your business back because you can’t break your “activity junkie” habit? Do you need a daily adrenalin fix and the buzz of being in the thick of it and resolving daily crises and dramas involved in running your business? Being patently honest – do you really need to be immersed in the […]

“I could smell that things were wrong. We weren’t creating a soulful, romantic experience anymore: We’d lost sight of the experience around the coffee” This was what famous US entrepreneur Howard Schultz in a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek interview discovered when he returned to being CEO of Starbucks. Motivated and fired up Schultz, who had previously […]

With last month’s figures in and 25 per cent of the year gone what questions are you asking your management team? –  and how are they responding? Do you engage in the ‘name and blame game’ and then listen to the plausible story contest or do you ask the four Killer Questions? What worked well? […]

With 25 per cent of the year having gone swiftly by, have you considered how you will exceed your business growth target for the next quarter? What are you going to do differently? You want to see sales increase and costs come down. So what changes are you going to make to how you behave, […]

Embarking on the emotional rollercoaster of transferring a family-owned business demands careful planning and brutal honesty in assessing if the next generation is up to the job of running the company.   In my experience as a business strategist and executive coach, less than half of family run enterprises are unable to make the move […]

                Image: The late Anita Roddick: founder of family-run organisation The Body Shop. Family firms are leading the way in appointing women to senior positions compared to non-family businesses according to a recent survey of more than 1m UK private businesses. Conducted on behalf of the Institute for […]