Being a busy fool is the biggest danger in these unpredictable times, trying to do too many things and not focusing on the essentials? As an experienced executive coach and business strategist, this is a message I can’t overstate – and one which was spelt out loud and clear at a recent meeting of the […]

No, I’m not talking about trench coats or the number two activity on the web (porn is BEHIND social media these days!). I’m referring to the common sales challenge that frustrates many business owners and leaders; how to build sales in these un-predictable times where previous tried and tested formulas bomb.   As a highly experienced […]

Having the right organisational structure is one of the keys to achieving predictable success. When did you last take a fresh look at the organisational structure of your business? In his recent Steve’s 3-Minute Coaching blog, people coach Steve Struas tackles this issue – aptly pointing out to leaders that: “You may not be the […]

We’re constantly reminded of the importance of investing in robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to capture critical details about our customers and prospects – so that we can sell more of our products and services to them.    In a recent guest post on Jon Buscall’s blog CRM guru Lauren Carlson queried whether the […]

The first five months of this year have not exactly been a stroll in the park for most people with continued uncertainty about jobs, inflation and household finances.  In a previous post I challenged you to inject the buzz into your business and steal a march on the competition by tasking your senior management to […]

How more effective would your business be with a powerful ‘Go Forward’ plan charting your course in critical areas? The Go Forward’ plan for Jeff Smisek President and CEO of United Airlines and United Continental Holdings Inc – enabled him to turnaround Continental from near death, merge it with United (another lame duck which went […]

With the experts once again at loggerheads about the rate of economic growth in the months ahead, what can we as business owners and leaders do to weight the odds of increased success in our favour? Having right sized the business, got costs under control, tightened cycle times and sharpened your focus what’s the next […]

How good are the ‘moments of truth’ in your business – i.e. that critical first contact that a customer has with your company and its employees?   As an experienced business strategist and executive coach I’m only too aware that first impressions continue to exert a powerful influence over future relationships. A great example of this […]

Many of us belong to the first generation to learn from our children. If it wasn’t for them, who would have figured out how to programme our VCRs, introduced us to the magic of texting and got us surfing the internet? Now look at what the next generation is doing with smart phones. UK based […]