It’s all too easy as a business owner or leader to point the finger at ‘the economy’, ‘inflation’, ‘red tape’ ‘the banks’ as the things that are holding your businesses back.  But what about the three fingers pointing back at you? As a business strategist and senior executive coach I find the pointing finger metaphor […]

It’s a worrying fact but many organisations are blinkered when it comes to their marketing and product development. Too many have their eyes closed to one of the biggest opportunities – the baby boomer market. The boomers – those of us who were born during the demographic post-World War Two baby boom – will be […]

What is the philosophy in your business? By this I mean the beliefs about your company and how you and your team approach the running of the business.  As an experienced business strategist and executive coach I challenge you with these questions after being fired up by a presentation from ex England football manager Steve […]

Living the culture, daily attention to detail and moving ahead of the times are just three of secrets Peter Banks managing director of the award winning Rudding Park Hotel, Harrogate recently shared with the members of the Wealth Enhancement Forum A culture of care is at the core of Rudding Park’s success. In my experience […]

Do you have a work/life balance? Do you work more than 60 hours a week? Do you frequently yearn for more leisure time? Yes, it’s been tough over the last three years and yes, we’re all expected to achieve more for less, but as an experienced business strategist and executive coach, I urge you to remind […]

A lot of water may have passed under your particular bridge since the recession hit with a vengeance three years ago. So much so, that you may have been constantly looking backwards and dwelling on how the tough climate has affected you in terms of loss of clients, falling revenue and staff cuts – because […]

In spite of the fact that the UK recovery looks likely to be the worst since 1830 – and companies seek to curb costs at every possible opportunity – your invoices should still reflect your worth and the value you add.  In my experience as a business strategist and executive coach you can only adapt […]

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” Tom Landry. The highest performing leaders and companies reach out to many outside experts as a sounding board for advice […]