‘Lean Thinking is only for production people’ is one of the most common self-limiting beliefs I hear as a business strategist and executive coach.  Nothing could be farther from the truth – especially in these tough times when generating profitable sales is more costly and time consuming.  How good are your sales people? – do […]

“Clogs to Clogs in three generations” – an adage based on the premise that it takes one generation to found a business, the next to build it, and the third to or destroy it – is a fear that has haunted many family businesses for hundreds of years. As an expert in performance coaching with […]

One of my key tasks as a coaching executive who focuses on helping business leaders to be more profitable and successful is to challenge business leaders to get out of their comfort zones, change what’s not working – and keep looking forward. As an expert in performance coaching, here are my five top tips to […]

Do you have financial performance targets for your business that focus on boosting effectiveness and efficiency as well as profitability? As a business strategist and executive coach, I see too many private businesses are focused solely on increasing revenue and ignoring other key drivers of business effectiveness and efficiency. Over the next 30 days take […]

As clubs gear up for the new football and soccer season every supporter’s eyes are on their team’s manager and his proposed team line up.  So why not do the same as the club managers – carefully scrutinise your team line up and ask yourself if you have the top scorers on board. Below are […]

What difference do you think you could make to your business if you followed the example of Andy Grove who, when CEO of Intel, walked out of the front door of his business, found a coffee shop and put himself into the mindset of a hypothetical person who would be taking over his company.   Get […]

The last What If..? blog post looked at ways that MDs and CEOs can stay focused during this time of great economic, financial and business uncertainty. Here, author Simon Hartley examines how world class individuals and organisations approach uncertainty, and what we can learn from them. This is a time of great uncertainty in business. […]

As global stock markets continue to plummet – sparking fears of another recession – the opening lines below of Rudyard Kipling’s iconic poem “If” sum up the challenge facing every business owner and leader in this climate of great economic, financial and business uncertainty. “If you can keep your head when all about you Are […]

As the leader of your business, looking after your mental and physical health is critical to the performance – and success – of your operation. In his acclaimed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey coined the phrase “Sharpening the Saw” and as an executive coach and business strategist working with What If […]