As we toast and welcome in each New Year we then progress to making our list of New Year’s resolutions which invariably include a promise to work fewer hours and spend more time with the family. In my experience as a business mentor and executive coach who boosts the effectiveness and profitability of owner managed […]

We only have ourselves to blame, says Matthew Parris in the London Times, for the economic trouble we now find ourselves in.   We tried to get richer without working hard – and without increasing productivity. According to Parris the answer is in our own hands, adjust our lifestyle, live within our means, borrow less, work […]

Relying on your gut instincts and intuitive decision making will be the key to success for business owners and leaders as western economies enter a sustained period of low or no growth. Top economist and strategist Roger Martin-Fagg says that adopting these strategies is critical as banks work to restore the health of their balance […]

This powerful call to action from business mentor and executive coach Jack Daly has galvanized me to change tack on more than one occasion – with great success. With so many businesses hunkering down, cutting costs, bemoaning a sales shortage – and allowing their sales teams to let prices and margins plummet – it’s little […]

Watching this year’s inspirational Great North Run – and the 50,000 plus entrants who prepared themselves for the arduous 13.1 mile marathon – reminded me of how frequently owner managers fail to plan and prepare their own business for the next period ahead.   In the countdown to Quarter 4 – a critical time in my […]

In tough times like these, it’s important that you as bosses and owner managers avoid being sucked into a pool of despondency amid reports of a double dip recession. The latest edition of the Brand Yorkshire business to business magazine aimed at CEOs, MDs, professional services and owner managed businesses features my proven 10-step approach […]

What would be the impact on your business if, like serial entrepreneur Matt Liotta, you came up with a storming idea which disrupted your market – and catapulted you into the driving seat?   As an executive coach and business strategist who boosts the profitability of owner managed companies and family businesses I coach via What […]

With the Bank of England expecting inflation to remain above 3 per cent over the next 12 months, have you planned how to deal with it – and how it will impact on your business? This is key issue I help business owners to address as a business strategist and executive coach who helps to boost […]

Low staff turnover, high customer satisfaction and strong year-to-year customer retention were three traits common to all the companies profiled in the Employees Matter report . Most survived the Great Recession without layoffs, and all are enjoying the kind of financial success which every business owner strives for. As a business strategist and executive coach […]

With the BDO 2020 Service Report revealing how customers will choose organisations who really know and understand them and who offer outstanding customer service levels. What if you trained your customer to be better customers? In which specific areas could you do this for a ‘win-win’ which would add more value to both businesses?  As […]