Do you wake up in the early hours worrying about your business? Do you question how you will steer your way out of the current economic problems? Are you concerned that working even longer hours is impacting on your health? As a master strategist who helps business leaders and heads of family-owned firms to ‘get […]

On the whole family businesses operate informally with family members entering the company without setting out expectations of each other – and of the business. As a business strategist who has added value to family-run firms over three decades by boosting their profitability and effectiveness – I’ve seen how spelling out expectations on roles, responsibilities, […]

In my last blog I shared with you some great tips attributable to The Results Corporation on how to jump start your sales processes and give the competition a run for their money.     Among the great tips was the ‘boutique’ marketing approach which focuses on wooing five key companies you are passionate about delivering for […]

As we’re all too patently aware, the current economic conditions are pretty dismal and, while we don’t have all the answers, we know that sticking our heads in the sand ostrich-style is not the solution. As a business strategist and executive coach I also know that smart players prosper in times like these. The next […]

In my last post I reminded you of the importance, as a business owner and leader, of looking after your own personal future in order to help the business thrive. As an executive coach I know that, if your survival was put at risk, the chances are that would affect the survival of the business. […]

In these uncertain times the primary responsibility of the business owner and leader is to survive, because without you there is a very real possibility that the business will not survive – or at least in its current form. As a business strategist and executive coach I know that taking care of you is a […]

You may have temporarily staved off the debt disaster – but with the UK economy growing by just 0.1% in quarter 2, reinforcing that we are still teetering on the edge of a cliff and many customers are reluctant to buy – what is your new call to action for your business? Everyone is looking […]

Many businesses do not announce price increases according to a recent survey of What If forum members and clients – and those that do give between one to three months’ notice before implementing them.  As a business strategist and executive coach I know that, while there is no one “one size fits all” solution, key […]