I recently wrote in HR Magazine how recruiting staff with ‘mental toughness’ is a top priority with another challenging 12 months ahead – and one in every 160 companies currently going into liquidation. Described by Wikipedia as ‘A collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence.’ […]

Can banks or funders make head or tail of your figures and how they’re presented when you apply for additional funding? Have previous applications you’ve made helped – or hindered – your cause? As I recently commented on a discussion on The Yorkshire Business Funding LinkedIn Group, in many cases banks are unable to understand […]

Did you know that plate spinning is a form of juggling that dates back about 2,000 years to the Han Dynasty of China? It’s also a prerequisite in running and growing a business with the myriad of relentless challenges it brings. Like many business owners and managers, do you worry that those plates you keep […]

What if an entrepreneur like Luke Johnson who, with his business partner Hugh Osmond, powered Pizza Express from 12 to over 250 restaurants and boosted the share price from 40p to over 900p – turned around your business? When I discussed exactly what are the critical steps to turning around and transforming businesses with experienced […]

Getting into a deal to buy a business is relatively easy. The skill lies in knowing how – and when – to exit successfully. With one in 136 companies currently going into liquidation, insolvency practitioners and receivers are not short of businesses to sell. Invariably there are some very tempting offers on the table for […]

The recent news that bad management costs the UK £19bn a year comes as no surprise. The findings of a study by the Chartered Management Institute reveal that three quarters of UK workers waste one and a half hours a week due to unclear communication from their bosses, a lack of support and “micro-management”. As […]

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with   If the words of the late motivational speaker and self help guru Jim Rohn are true, then think of the five or ten people you spend most time with and ask yourself:    What are these people doing? How passionate are […]

What’s the difference between a seeker and learner? And what would be the first thing you would do if you wanted you and your people to become seekers rather than learners? Hi, I’m Richard Bosworth, the What If Specialist and master strategist who enables business leaders and heads of family owned firms to get the […]

Hi, I’m Richard Bosworth, the What If Specialist and Master Strategist who enables business leaders and heads of family owned firms to get the most out of their companies through questioning their answers and challenging their thinking, I’m attributing the idea for this blog to USA Today columnist Steve Strauss who reminds us how, when […]