Little wonder when we often feel our head is fit to burst when are now bombarded with five hundred times more information on a daily basis than we were in 1986.       This blog was inspired by Holly Green, CEO of The Human Factor who reports that each year a typical American reads 100 newspapers […]

A recent interviewer of pre-eminent US publisher and leadership specialist Michael Hyatt  impressed him with 20 questions that aspiring leaders would do well to consider when discussing routes to the summit with existing power brokers. The questions impressed me to want to share them with you. Who had had a tremendous impact on you as […]

Image courtesy of Mallory Kay Davis It’s official and unprecedented – spiraling costs have pushed the collective cost of the eclectic mix of items in the iconic 12 Days of Christmas historic carol above $100,000.  This is according to the annual Christmas Price Index compiled by PNC Wealth Management and wrapped up in a great […]

What are your top three actions to improving the profitability and productivity of your business in  2012? Next year the business owners from my What If Forums –  which are made up of service and product-based companies – are on a mission to increase the turnover and gross profit of every employee. Boosting productivity is […]

In the countdown to 2012 are you among the many business owners thinking about getting out of your business?  According to Robert Burton, Corporate Finance Director of accountants Mazars there has been a significant increase recently in the number of enquiries from owners seeking to exit. While there could be many reasons for this upsurge, […]

Fears that Britain’s isolationist stance over the eurozone – compounded by the news that the UK economy is to face an even bigger downturn – are enough to send even the most grounded business owner into a tailspin.  In today’s torrid climate, when it’s impossible to forecast what’s round the corner, Rudyard Kipling’s pragmatic advice: […]

Have you taken the necessary precautions to stop yourself worrying about the future of your business – or are you going to continue being fearful and leave things to chance? The words of Roald Amundsen, the famous Norwegian explorer and first man to complete a mission to the South Pole in 1911: “Victory awaits him […]

Are you dreading or delighted with the prospect of leading your business into 2012? Does your business energise or exhaust you? Do you dream of getting out from under your business and getting a work life balance?    If, like many beleaguered business owners in the December countdown, you are battling more than the atrocious weather […]

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with what your business is achieving for you and your family? Do you dream of jetting off to catch some winter sunshine yet can’t because you feel trapped under your business?  It could all be so different – if only you could make the change.  There […]