Did you know that 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day? You could be reaping the benefits of valuable business opportunities by harnesssing the power of video which enables you to reach new clients by showcasing your knowledge and expertise. It enables propsects to see, hear and understand how you operate as […]

Among the most frequently asked questions I get asked, as an experienced business strategist helping owner managed and family businesses across Yorkshire and further afield to boost their profit and productivity, is ‘What differentiates great leaders from average ones?’  Here are my responses:  They ask good questions Questions that get to the core of the […]

In the countdown to the Equilux – when the day length equals the night time and the snow drops and crocii are replaced with a profusion of daffodils, spring is very much in the air. As a business strategist enjoying the signs of spring emerging from Harrogate’s historic Stray to the stunning Peace Gardens in […]

I’ve seen through the years how benchmarking exercises – by this I mean measuring how your business is performing against the opposition – unearths uncomfortable truths which many business owners would rather stay buried. In my experience as a business strategist, these disquieting findings are the main reason why many companies avoid such exercises like […]

Whether or not you are thinking of selling your company in the next few years, it is important for the directors and shareholders to understand how businesses are valued so that informed and timely decisions can be made. As boutique dealmakers at Strategic Corporate Finance, we can’t stress enough why a sound knowledge of the […]

Is your industry or sector among those which are trapped in an exhausting, downward spiral and bouncing along the bottom with no end in sight? If so, there’s usually two options which owners managers think are left open to them – the first is to wait it out until the bitter end – and the […]

As a business owner are you prepared for what may be lurking – or prowling – around the corner? You can’t preempt every scenario that may come to test you, but keeping your eyes firmly fixed on the road ahead is integral to business growth and boosting profitability. I say this from my experience as […]

In my last post on how to double the size of your company, I stressed how being twice your size business-wise is possible in a climate which predicts four years of flat growth – providing you follow some key actions.   Critical to success was stopping the Groundhog Day insanity of emulating the frenetic hamster […]

How would it feel to be seeing double this time next year?  – and I don’t mean the adverse effects of a good night out.   As an experienced business strategist who has added £100m of wealth to a select group of business owners over the last decade, I hear many of you asking how […]