We’ve all heard the expression ‘Turnover is vanity and profit is sanity’ – and running and growing a profitable business is a true measurement of success.     Profit is the amount of added value created over and above the costs, and profit drivers are the five core activities that influence and impact on your profit levels.  […]

In today’s hectic business when everyone is required to achieve more with less – the importance of looking after yourself is more important than ever. This post from nutritional therapist Clare Shepherd gives an insight into how eating the right type of foods boosts your motivation and energy levels.   Is the following scenario typical […]

Do you often start the week raring to go – and with the best intentions to work ‘on’ as opposed to ‘in’ your business – only to get sucked into issues and problems that come crashing through the door? The domino effect invariably sees your new initiatives hurtling out of the window by mid week […]

If you were out of the business for an extended period – whether this is going through the process of selling your business, seeking acquisitions – or taking a break, long would it take before the wheels fell off your business bandwagon? As a business strategist who has helped hundreds of business owners to enjoy […]

With more businesses continuing to crash with major job losses and UK unemployment at their highest levels since 1995 – it’s vital that one customer does not make up more than 12 per cent of your total turnover. Many owner-managed and family run businesses come unstuck if a major customer goes belly up – and […]

Are you Innovating, investing and exporting to drive your business performance and profitability? The importance of this hat trick of ‘must do’s’ was reinforced by speakers at a business leaders manufacturing debate spearheaded by the Yorkshire Business Insider. The session, hosted by Richard Abbott, explored how best to promote and champion the vibrant manufacturing sector […]

As a business strategist working with companies in Yorkshire and beyond, it’s become blatantly apparent to me that over the past four years there are some factors which are critical to boosting business performance and profitability – that the experts don’t tell you.   Knowledge is everything Know the basics about everything in your company […]

What do Lord Sugar’s new apprentices have to do with leadership and sharpening the focus?   The answer is – more than you think. The new series is, as usual, packed with an eclectic mix of egotist, sharp operators and business misfits ratings. Fuelled by conflict, human drama and raw emotion, the formula makes for […]