In the ongoing uncertainty of our economic climate, the one thing people are seeking is certainty – or at least confidence that the business they are employed by is heading in the right direction. Act now and ditch the pragmatism of the last three years and get some sound strategic planning back into the business […]

As sure as day follows night, so business recovery will follow this low or no growth phase and already big business is invest for the recovery, according to former Tesco boss Terry Leahey. What steps are you talking to plan for the upturn and boost your profitability and business performance? Here are three areas to […]

5 Simple Health Tips That Will Give You More Drive and Energy… 1 Exercise: This will increase your energy levels and performance in both sports and business. Exercise clears the mind, keeps stress under control creating mental clarity and increased focus. My recommended form of exercise? HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Alternate intervals of moderate […]

Knowing the difference between processes and projects is crucial to growing your business and boosting your effectiveness and profitability. Processes are what you and your people do every day to deliver what the customer wants and expects. Projects are those activities that are not part of the normal work routine and which add the growth […]

As the half year countdown marches relentlessly on, you’ll no doubt be keeping a close eye on the bottom line – and comparing it to the strategic plan and annual targets you set for the business. Now is an ideal time to step back, take a deep breath and review the last six months. It’s […]

Losing the potent vision you created for your business is invariably the first casualty of tough times as owner managers’ priorities shift to staying afloat the turbulent economic tides which have raged since 2008. As a business strategist who has navigated CEOs and MDs through previous stormy recessions into the upturn and beyond, I know […]

The pursuit of revenue growth and geographic expansion is not the goal of every business owner. Some have decided to stand out from the crowd and work towards different goals, ones they consider more important than getting as big as they can, as fast as they can. In his book Small Giants, veteran journalist Bo Burlingham […]

Whether you lingered long over every nuance of the Jubilee pageantry or snatched the highlights of the colourful and truly historic celebrations, you will remember how the unprecedented occasion was marked by the stoicism and resilience of our Queen and Prince Philip braving the relentless, torrential rain. The determined duo with a combined age of […]

Ensuring their post prized and thirsty blooms are sufficiently watered has become a key priority for UK gardeners with the recent drought warnings and hosepipe bans – and something that Ellen Kullman, chairperson and CEO of DuPont knows all about. In a recent Fortune Magazine interview Ellen Kullman talks about her landscaping father’s mantra “If […]