The summer holidays may be upon us – but for many business owners battling to reduce their 60-hour (or more) working week threshold – summer breaks involve additional stress, taking work away on holiday and juggling to spend quality and magical ‘me’ time with family. Most business owners don’t switch off when they take a […]

As a small or medium business, flourishing and growing against the relentless onslaught of the turbulent times takes a lot more tenacity than applying the power of positive thinking. Compounding the recent reports of a triple dip recession is the Zurich SME Risk Index results which reveal that more than 1 in 10 SMEs have […]

Do you have a bunch of stars, a team of people, or a High Performance Unit (HPU)? World class individuals and teams succeed because they are part of a High Performance Unit. Cycling is a sport that is perceived to be an individual event. However, it’s more about the High Performance Unit rather than the […]

Is now the time to grab the initiative and invest in expansion, increase capital expenditure, make fresh hirings and go after acquisitions? “We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” is the mantra of investment guru Warren Buffett and now we seem to be […]

With all the depressing economic, financial and political news not to mention the weather, it’s no wonder customers are holding back. As a business strategist with a wealth of experience in helping owner managers and fun run businesses to kick start their business, the secret is to sharpen your customer and prospect focus and be […]

Those with an ear to the wind are preparing plans to cope with a triple dip recession – reinforced by Bloomberg Business Week, which reports of a downturn in orders from leading indicator companies. The downturn – reinforced by indicators such as a flattening of demand for obscure but important chemicals forecasts trouble ahead – […]

The secret to kick starting and re-energising your business to achieve your best year yet requires you should tap into and harness the power of the acronym GROWTH. For the past four decades as a business strategist and executive coach and now working with forums of owner managers and family business leaders I have proved […]

It’s official – as a business owner you are halfway through the year. But are you halfway to achieving the original 2012 goals aligned with the strategic plan and annual targets you initially set yourself? Following on from our previous tips about putting the business under the microscope and looked at what has not worked, […]