How happy would you be if you were wheeled into A&E to discover your management team in charge of the department? Chances are you’d be feeling nervous, if not downright alarmed. So what are you going to do about that? During nearly three decades working as a business strategist and executive coach – and chairing peer […]

Change the way that you and your business grow. Do you want to take control, deliver results and liberate the hidden wealth in your business? All in less than 30 hours a week? You can with What If? Forums. Contact me below, e-mail me via, go to @RichardWhatIf on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn […]

Are you a business owner who yearns to break free from being an ‘activity junkie’ and live the life you’ve always wanted – but who is struggling to achieve this goal? It’s vital that you as a business owners stop yourself being pulled in different directions and achieve a work life balance which will boost […]

We’ve highlighted how compiling and analysing data is key to strategic planning which will unearth the success factors which are critical to your business thriving and surviving. As a business strategist and executive coach who has boosted the effectiveness and bottom line of a select group of owner managed and family run businesses by £110m, […]

 by Mike Tomlinson The demands of today’s business climate make it more important than ever to achieve a work/life balance. Feeling energised gives us a sense of well-being and enhances our productivity. Does the thought of running petrify you? Has your inner athlete seen the light of day since you arrived on the company carousel? […]

We’re keeping the spotlight on the lessons learnt from the truly inspirational sportspeople and their high performing teams who have motivated and inspired us during the sensational London Olympics and Paralympics. As a business strategist helping owner managers and family businesses to outperform their competitors in their respective sectors, I wanted to share a powerful […]

We hope you’re using our tips on turbo charging your strategic planning and asking the magic questions to boost your lead generation and conversion rates helpful. As a business strategist, urging owner managers to keep their sales pipeline flowing to fuel success and growth, I wanted to share some powerful tips from Sean McColgan’s excellent […]

Generating more sales is undoubtedly critical for business growth – and we’ve previously established that your sales people may need more than a process to secure new orders. Following our last post on how you can raise your team’s bench strength with strategic planning, we’re now focusing on simple steps you can take to improve […]