Is funding falling out of fashion? In his new book, “The Rebel Entrepreneur” Financial Times journalist Jonathan Moules opens with a chapter entitled “Funding is for Fools” which reveals some interesting findings about funding for SMEs in the UK. With more than three decades’ experience as a business strategist and executive coach, boosting the performance […]

Why do other business owners always seem to be more successful than you? In the video below, I share three tips to help you finish the week with a spring in your step. Contact me below, e-mail me via, go to @RichardWhatIf on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on

Guest post by Chris Mackay Research shows that most people spend 90% of their time indoors, but the human body was not designed to spend so much time inside.  Your mind and body benefit so much from being outside, enjoying the fresh air and open space – and it’s a great way to get fit […]

Do you really believe what your month end figures reveal – or does your gut feel tell you there’s got to be a way to ‘demistify’ the financial smoke and mirrors? In these unpredictable times, many business owners make assumptions which are then backed up by anecdotal evidence presented by their management teams. But is […]

Guest Post by Jenny Bersin Creating an effective personal style is as relevant for business leaders as it is for Victoria Beckham. Style: the Road to Freedom by Jenny Bersin, MD of Jenny B Style and Image Consultancy, puts forward the case for having a strategy, or road map, for creating our own personal style.

What cost Mitt Romney the election? And how did President Obama manage to be re-elected for a second term with only 39% of the white vote and the support of barely one in three white males? It’s all down to the rapidly changing face of America, to which Romney seemed blind. In contrast the Obama […]

Having witnessed how world and Olympic cycling champion Victoria Pendleton beats herself up when putting a toe – let alone a foot – wrong on Strictly Come Dancing, I’m not surprised that new scientific research suggests perfectionism is inherited not learnt. However, whereas Victoria’s cycling skills are inherited from her father; the same scenario cannot […]

Guest Post by Sue Firth In the countdown to national Stress Awareness Day, we realise how prolific an issue stress is – being regularly quoted in the media and the Government taking the initiative in terms of responding to figures for absenteeism and ill health in the workplace. One in four people now suffer from […]

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