As with past year, I forecast that 2013 is going to be good in parts and even better in others – dependent upon the industry or sector you are operating in. As a performance coach and business strategist boosting the effectiveness and productivity of owner managed and family run businesses in Yorkshire and beyond, I […]

You will no doubt have noticed how there have been fewer pre-Christmas sales this year. This is because retailers don’t carry the levels of stock they used to – and, like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, the shelves in their supply chains are pretty bare. Suppliers in many industries have converted stock into cash – in […]

Guest blog by Kate Clarkson, Owner, YORKCakes and YORK Cookery School It takes a strong will to resist the temptation to over indulge on rich food and sweet treats at Christmas. Although I bake for a living, I don’t eat cakes every day – it’s everything in moderation, as far as I’m concerned.  Over the […]

Much to the merriment of my colleagues and What If Forum members, each December I leave behind my booted and suited attire as a business strategist and performance coach and sign up to a stint as Santa for my local Rotary Club, which I have been involved for five years. It’s great fun and very […]

In the video below I would like to share some advice from my years of experience as a business performance coach on how to make uncertainty into the cradle of greatness. Contact me below, e-mail me via, go to @RichardWhatIf on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on

Guest blog by Mike Lloyd, Manager, Harrogate Climbing Centre Indoor climbing and bouldering is really appealing if you’re looking for a mental as well as a physical challenge. As in business, challenging yourself to use your wits and abilities to attain a goal, overcome your fears and develop your skills is the key to successful […]

As business owners, running family enterprises and small and medium sized businesses, 2012 will have undoubtedly been a challenging twelve months following a particularly tough few years. Dependent upon what sector you operate in – the last twelve months will most likely have been harder for some owners than for others. As a business strategist […]

Guest post by Courtney Conroy, RHS Garden Harlow Carr The time pressures of today, from juggling work, family and other commitments, can have a negative effect on your mental well-being. We can all, too often than not, get caught up in our hectic lifestyles, which tend to lead us to spending too much time indoors, […]

We’ve all experienced it as owner managers and family run businesses. Slowly then suddenly, that’s how markets change and all too often you find yourself without enough resources, too little time and competitors swooping in and securing the fresh new prospects. So, what do you do? Doing nothing and ignoring the change is not an […]