As business owners we’re often accused of over complicating things – sometimes with good reason. Those of who are regular readers to my blog know that, as a performance coach and business mentor I advocate solutions which are simple but effective such as how to achieve your business objectives in less than 30 hours a […]

Guest Blog by Cedric Farineau By the end of February gyms are emptying as thousands of us abandon our New Year resolutions to be fitter, slimmer and healthier. We all know that exercise is a brilliant way of beating stress, boosting our energy levels and even our business performance. The challenge is fitting regular exercise […]

Do you wonder why businesses frequently change their logos, decor and uniforms – and why supermarkets constantly alter the positioning of their products? What was wrong with how these companies used to look you may ask – after all everyone knew who they were and what they did – so why the need to change? […]

I’m a great believer in embarking on what I call micro adventures. There was a reason why I cycled 3,500 km down the West Coast of America from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico – where I experienced a massive adrenalin rush when coming within 30 feet of a formidable grizzly bear! The same reason fuelled […]

I sometimes find owner managers approach me with a dilemma about what to do when their children are not interested in taking over the reins of the family owned business. This not only presents a succession issue but also a sense of loss and massive gap accompanied by the questions: “What have I been building […]

Guest Post by Professional Dancer Katie Geddes As business owners we constantly strive to achieve a perfect work / life balance – setting out with the best intentions, but stumbling by the wayside due to the demands of keeping our companies moving forward. It’s a well-known and well proven fact that exercise has numerous positive […]

As we mark the dawn of 2013, business owners are full of optimism and grand plans for growing your business in year ahead. But beware the New Year grinch called ‘Busyness’ which lurks just around the corner and is poised to swoop and erase all traces of that fresh entrepreneurial spirit and buzz which fires […]

I’d welcome your comments and feedback after reading the story below from Verizon which at surface level you may find amusing. As a business strategist with over three decades of experience who encourages business owners and heads of family run companies to be resourceful, innovative and constantly seek out the top talent – it also […]