Tomorrow kicks off an eclectic and colourful global series of Easter celebrations. They include a White House ‘Eggstravaganza’ Easter Egg roll, trees decorated with hollowed-out, painted eggs in Germany, half-naked penitents whipping their backs with blades and bamboo sticks in the Philippines and Colombians demolishing iguana, turtle and rodent for their traditional Easter dinner. As […]

Three months into 2013 – and with the Easter countdown underway – many owner managers will be getting their management team around the table to see if the financials stack up against the business objectives. In my three decades as a business strategist and executive coach – and chairing peer group forums – I know […]

With many things in life it’s all too easy to talk about making changes – whether in our business or personal lives – because ultimately talk is cheap. However grasping the mettle and translating talk into tangible action is something else. The same principle applies when it comes to transforming your business culture – whether […]

If someone asks you why your clients select you over your competitors, like most business leaders, you’d probably say it boils down to the top class service or products you deliver – and the strong relationships you’ve forged with them. However you’d be wrong according to authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson in their book; […]

Have you considered how operating a world class business – irrespective of your size and sector – would impact on your company’s performance and profitability? Why is it that some companies, such as Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, excel at this formula? They turn out three cars every fifty nine seconds all day, every day. […]

Whatever industry or sector you are operating in – and irrespective of whether you are selling widgets or wills – keeping the sales pipeline flowing is a perennial challenge in today’s tough climate where more is expected for less. As a business strategist and performance coach who has added £110 million to the bottom line […]

When we’re asked “how’s life?” by our colleagues, family and friends we almost always say “I’m fine”. However, when digging deeper and scrutinising our work life balance under a microscope – exactly how fine are we really? In my experience as a business strategist and performance coach, I’m aware that our glib and clichéd responses rarely […]

In my experience as a business strategist and executive coach of increasing the profitability of business owners and leaders of family businesses – I understand that you have to be an expert juggler and wear many hats. In a typical week you might pitch your product at an industry event, hunch over your desk for […]

Guest post by Professor Cary L. Cooper Stress at work is now the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, and many EU countries as well. However, there is now an even more worrying phenomena, ‘presenteeism’, as people become more frightened of taking time off for illness. This was first noticed at the start […]