In the adage that actions speak louder than words – how well you listen tells your team far more about you than all the words and presentations under the sun. We’ve previously discussed how failing to listen and speaking to the wall is a key warning sign of why leaders fail. This was reinforced in […]

Reading Samuel Bacharach’s great blog on 5 Reasons Leaders Fail got me thinking how fine the line is between success and failure as a business owner or leader. The challenge is keeping on the right side of that line. In my experience as a Business Strategist and Executive Coach accelerating the effectiveness and profitability of […]

Is your business model fit and strong enough to withstand the tough months ahead? As markets continue to expand, contract and shift in response to changing economic conditions, it’s time to re-look at your business model and the key criteria driving it. The burning – and arguably most important question as we enter Quarter 2 […]

Ensuring you have the right passengers on the bus that are paying their fares is essential for your business to grow and prosper. As business owners and senior managers know only too well, those who are not up to the job drain resources and the bottom line and hamper business growth. As a business strategist […]

Guest Post By Nichola Whitehead If you find you’ve over-indulged after giving up fatty foods or alcohol for Lent, or treated yourself to too many chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns this Easter, when you start back at work after the long bank-holiday weekend, ensure you make time your health, or sooner or later, illness will […]