In the iconic words of rock legend Alice Cooper ‘Schools Out For Summer’ – but as the boss of the business are you chained to the ‘slave cave’ while your family chill in the glorious sunshine? In the knowledge that practicising what you preach starts with you as a leader, we can all take a […]

The thorny issue of succession planning in US family businesses has reared its head again in a Deloitte survey which revealed that only 50% of owners admitted to reviewing their plans when a crisis hits. As an experienced business strategist and performance coach boosting the effectiveness of family run enterprises, I found the fact that […]

Irrespective of the financial climate, one of biggest mistakes I’ve seen CEOs, MDs and presidents make over the last three decades is hanging onto the wrong people in the futile hope they will improve. They never do – and the longer you keep them on board the more they are dragging the business down both […]

Erick Hamdan – who works on value creation with business owners, investors and private equity building companies – reinforces how too many companies grow their revenue without knowing if they’re actually earning a reasonable margin. In the adage that “turnover is vanity and profit is sanity”, being profitable is critical at every stage of your […]

Strong managers are often inspired, visionary, industrious, energizing and can display integrity, leadership, common sense and courage – while weak ones may micro-manage, set weak goals and belittle their people. What’s also critical is finding the top talent and ensuring they work hand in glove for the common goal of the business. We’d all need […]

As Mike Myatt, a contributor to Forbes quite rightly says, “Life is plain easier when you can see what’s ahead of you.” Mike – a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and Boards – is confident that everyone can learn to see around corners – and that understanding the future entails business leaders and owners […]

As a business owner you’ll have encountered the perennial challenges entailed in breaking through the various ‘number barriers’ to increase your team, your turnover and, most importantly – your profitability. Those of you who will have almost reached your goal – only to find that someone or something has thrown a proverbial spanner in the […]