Watching this year’s Great North Run as 56,000 people made their way over the finish line after months of preparation for the demanding 13.1 mile marathon, reminded me of how frequently owner managers fail to plan and prepare their own business for the next period ahead. I know that preparation has been critical for those […]

As a business strategist and performance coach, boosting the effectiveness of family run businesses, I know that an outperforming team driving a High Performance Unit is critical to success. Seeking out and retaining the top talent remains a perennial challenge. As former corporate high-flyer Victor Lipman re-enforces in an insightful Forbes blog, the best managers […]

The disruptive power of the internet is increasingly wreaking havoc and failure amongst all types of businesses across wide-ranging sectors. Size and longevity are no guarantee of immunity from these seismic changes and family businesses are just as vulnerable. However, a simple health check can provide a valuable early warning system. With three decades as […]

As an experienced strategy consultant boosting the effectiveness and profitability of owner managed and family run businesses in the UK and across the pond, I’ve been involved in some heated debates on entrepreneurs versus CEOs over the years. Author MaryEllen Tribby makes a valid point when she says that the one mistake that destroys more […]

As the long-awaited sun energises us, we purchase the latest colourful summer styles and attire and look forward to sharing warm summer evenings with family and friends. But are you applying the same principle to your own business in terms of keeping up with the latest trends and fashions? At the recent Thinking Digital Conference […]

With May bank holidays mere distant memories – and the start of quarter three just 30-days away – are you hitting the figures the business needs to deliver its annual targets? We’ve previously stressed the importance of avoiding over-complicating your business strategy by creating wieldy and complex plans – in favour of ensuring everything you […]

Reading Samuel Bacharach’s great blog on 5 Reasons Leaders Fail got me thinking how fine the line is between success and failure as a business owner or leader. The challenge is keeping on the right side of that line. In my experience as a Business Strategist and Executive Coach accelerating the effectiveness and profitability of […]

Is your business model fit and strong enough to withstand the tough months ahead? As markets continue to expand, contract and shift in response to changing economic conditions, it’s time to re-look at your business model and the key criteria driving it. The burning – and arguably most important question as we enter Quarter 2 […]

Three months into 2013 – and with the Easter countdown underway – many owner managers will be getting their management team around the table to see if the financials stack up against the business objectives. In my three decades as a business strategist and executive coach – and chairing peer group forums – I know […]

In my experience as a business strategist and executive coach of increasing the profitability of business owners and leaders of family businesses – I understand that you have to be an expert juggler and wear many hats. In a typical week you might pitch your product at an industry event, hunch over your desk for […]