If you’re among the owner managers who’ve savoured holiday sunshine, luxuriated in the relaxed and stress free feeling that going away brings – and yearn to make this temporary feel good factor permanent – then it could be the right time to consider your exit. You may be among the millions of bosses worldwide who’ve […]

If you were out of the business for an extended period – whether this is going through the process of selling your business, seeking acquisitions – or taking a break, long would it take before the wheels fell off your business bandwagon? As a business strategist who has helped hundreds of business owners to enjoy […]

Whether or not you are thinking of selling your company in the next few years, it is important for the directors and shareholders to understand how businesses are valued so that informed and timely decisions can be made. As boutique dealmakers at Strategic Corporate Finance, we can’t stress enough why a sound knowledge of the […]

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with what your business is achieving for you and your family? Do you dream of jetting off to catch some winter sunshine yet can’t because you feel trapped under your business?  It could all be so different – if only you could make the change.  There […]

Getting into a deal to buy a business is relatively easy. The skill lies in knowing how – and when – to exit successfully. With one in 136 companies currently going into liquidation, insolvency practitioners and receivers are not short of businesses to sell. Invariably there are some very tempting offers on the table for […]

Selling your business is the biggest deal you are ever going to make – and how well prepared you are will determine the outcome you achieve. “How do I actually go about selling my business?” is a question I frequently get asked by business owners on a Monday morning after a bad week or weekend. […]

  You need to think very carefully before you decide to exit your business. With all the economic uncertainty and the prospect of low to moderate business growth over the next five years, the idea of getting out is very appealing to many business owners and leaders.  I know it’s not that simple or easy, […]