In the iconic words of rock legend Alice Cooper ‘Schools Out For Summer’ – but as the boss of the business are you chained to the ‘slave cave’ while your family chill in the glorious sunshine? In the knowledge that practicising what you preach starts with you as a leader, we can all take a […]

The thorny issue of succession planning in US family businesses has reared its head again in a Deloitte survey which revealed that only 50% of owners admitted to reviewing their plans when a crisis hits. As an experienced business strategist and performance coach boosting the effectiveness of family run enterprises, I found the fact that […]

As Mike Myatt, a contributor to Forbes quite rightly says, “Life is plain easier when you can see what’s ahead of you.” Mike – a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and Boards – is confident that everyone can learn to see around corners – and that understanding the future entails business leaders and owners […]

As an experienced strategy consultant boosting the effectiveness and profitability of owner managed and family run businesses in the UK and across the pond, I’ve been involved in some heated debates on entrepreneurs versus CEOs over the years. Author MaryEllen Tribby makes a valid point when she says that the one mistake that destroys more […]

If you’re among the owner managers who’ve savoured holiday sunshine, luxuriated in the relaxed and stress free feeling that going away brings – and yearn to make this temporary feel good factor permanent – then it could be the right time to consider your exit. You may be among the millions of bosses worldwide who’ve […]

I sometimes find owner managers approach me with a dilemma about what to do when their children are not interested in taking over the reins of the family owned business. This not only presents a succession issue but also a sense of loss and massive gap accompanied by the questions: “What have I been building […]

Much to the merriment of my colleagues and What If Forum members, each December I leave behind my booted and suited attire as a business strategist and performance coach and sign up to a stint as Santa for my local Rotary Club, which I have been involved for five years. It’s great fun and very […]

Having witnessed how world and Olympic cycling champion Victoria Pendleton beats herself up when putting a toe – let alone a foot – wrong on Strictly Come Dancing, I’m not surprised that new scientific research suggests perfectionism is inherited not learnt. However, whereas Victoria’s cycling skills are inherited from her father; the same scenario cannot […]

Are you a business owner who yearns to break free from being an ‘activity junkie’ and live the life you’ve always wanted – but who is struggling to achieve this goal? It’s vital that you as a business owners stop yourself being pulled in different directions and achieve a work life balance which will boost […]

Strategic planning is critical to boosting business performance and productivity – requiring commitment and buy in from all your team to maximise its success. As a business strategist helping to increase the profitability and effectiveness of owner managed and family run businesses in Harrogate, Halifax, Huddersfield, and beyond – my key question to you is: […]