As the Credit Crunch continues to rage globally – most recently hitting Poland and China – whose credit crunch is spooking global investors – it’s important for business owners to remember how this turbulent landscape impacts on credit controls. With late payments continuing to be a major issue – as highlighted by a survey from […]

Among the top ten issues keeping US business leaders awake at night are failure to innovate and/or meet customer demand – and cash flow which is critical to businesses’ survival and success. We’ve heard from top accountant Steve Pipe why family businesses and owner managers cannot rely solely on reams of traditional management accounts to […]

Erick Hamdan – who works on value creation with business owners, investors and private equity building companies – reinforces how too many companies grow their revenue without knowing if they’re actually earning a reasonable margin. In the adage that “turnover is vanity and profit is sanity”, being profitable is critical at every stage of your […]

With May bank holidays mere distant memories – and the start of quarter three just 30-days away – are you hitting the figures the business needs to deliver its annual targets? We’ve previously stressed the importance of avoiding over-complicating your business strategy by creating wieldy and complex plans – in favour of ensuring everything you […]

Three months into 2013 – and with the Easter countdown underway – many owner managers will be getting their management team around the table to see if the financials stack up against the business objectives. In my three decades as a business strategist and executive coach – and chairing peer group forums – I know […]

Is funding falling out of fashion? In his new book, “The Rebel Entrepreneur” Financial Times journalist Jonathan Moules opens with a chapter entitled “Funding is for Fools” which reveals some interesting findings about funding for SMEs in the UK. With more than three decades’ experience as a business strategist and executive coach, boosting the performance […]

Do you really believe what your month end figures reveal – or does your gut feel tell you there’s got to be a way to ‘demistify’ the financial smoke and mirrors? In these unpredictable times, many business owners make assumptions which are then backed up by anecdotal evidence presented by their management teams. But is […]

By Steve Pipe What a great group WhatIf? is. It was a genuine privilege to spend the afternoon with you the other week. Given that we covered so much ground, I thought you might find it useful if I reiterated what I think is the single most important thing we covered. So here it is… […]

We’ve highlighted how compiling and analysing data is key to strategic planning which will unearth the success factors which are critical to your business thriving and surviving. As a business strategist and executive coach who has boosted the effectiveness and bottom line of a select group of owner managed and family run businesses by £110m, […]

A concept that has worked wonders for the UK’s Olympic medal haul could hold the key to improving your sales performance in our near nil growth economy.   Apply the concept of the ‘Aggregation of Incremental Gains’: making small improvements to every stage of a whole process. Take a step back and look at your whole […]