We’ve previously examined how you, as a business leader, can create high performing business units to boost your company’s productivity – along with how to hang onto your people by establishing goals and maintaining the communication momentum. We’ve also delved into the basic truths of how people are emotional – and how emotions affect everything […]

An economic slowdown, new and constantly-changing regulations and competition from home and abroad constitute the three biggest headaches keeping US business leaders awake at night. Forbes contributor Kenneth Rapoza wryly observes how the top trio of concerns – drawn from management and insurance giant Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey of 1,415 respondents – are those […]

Irrespective of the financial climate, one of biggest mistakes I’ve seen CEOs, MDs and presidents make over the last three decades is hanging onto the wrong people in the futile hope they will improve. They never do – and the longer you keep them on board the more they are dragging the business down both […]

Strong managers are often inspired, visionary, industrious, energizing and can display integrity, leadership, common sense and courage – while weak ones may micro-manage, set weak goals and belittle their people. What’s also critical is finding the top talent and ensuring they work hand in glove for the common goal of the business. We’d all need […]

Guest post by Suzy Bidgood from Bidgood HR Consulting As an experienced HR and Talent Management consultant, I’ve seen many successful business leaders recognise that having the right employees is critical to their organisational success. In today’s tough climate the importance of seeking out, managing and retaining top talent has taken on an unprecedented importance […]

Ensuring you have the right passengers on the bus that are paying their fares is essential for your business to grow and prosper. As business owners and senior managers know only too well, those who are not up to the job drain resources and the bottom line and hamper business growth. As a business strategist […]

Have you considered how operating a world class business – irrespective of your size and sector – would impact on your company’s performance and profitability? Why is it that some companies, such as Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, excel at this formula? They turn out three cars every fifty nine seconds all day, every day. […]

Guest post by Professor Cary L. Cooper Stress at work is now the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, and many EU countries as well. However, there is now an even more worrying phenomena, ‘presenteeism’, as people become more frightened of taking time off for illness. This was first noticed at the start […]

I’d welcome your comments and feedback after reading the story below from Verizon which at surface level you may find amusing. As a business strategist with over three decades of experience who encourages business owners and heads of family run companies to be resourceful, innovative and constantly seek out the top talent – it also […]

Have you ever thought “You’re not the person I hired!”, when looking at members of your team?  In the video below, I would like to share some advice on hiring the right people for your business. Contact me below, e-mail me via richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com, go to @RichardWhatIf on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on […]