Watching this year’s Great North Run as 56,000 people made their way over the finish line after months of preparation for the demanding 13.1 mile marathon, reminded me of how frequently owner managers fail to plan and prepare their own business for the next period ahead. I know that preparation has been critical for those […]

As a business strategist and performance coach, boosting the effectiveness of family run businesses, I know that an outperforming team driving a High Performance Unit is critical to success. Seeking out and retaining the top talent remains a perennial challenge. As former corporate high-flyer Victor Lipman re-enforces in an insightful Forbes blog, the best managers […]

We’ve previously examined how you, as a business leader, can create high performing business units to boost your company’s productivity – along with how to hang onto your people by establishing goals and maintaining the communication momentum. We’ve also delved into the basic truths of how people are emotional – and how emotions affect everything […]

Now that you’re back from your well-earned summer break, how long will it take your business to regain its vice like grip on your emotions and push your stress levels way up into the red zone? With over three decades of working as a business strategist and executive coach to high performing family business owner […]

Among the top ten issues keeping US business leaders awake at night are failure to innovate and/or meet customer demand – and cash flow which is critical to businesses’ survival and success. We’ve heard from top accountant Steve Pipe why family businesses and owner managers cannot rely solely on reams of traditional management accounts to […]

An economic slowdown, new and constantly-changing regulations and competition from home and abroad constitute the three biggest headaches keeping US business leaders awake at night. Forbes contributor Kenneth Rapoza wryly observes how the top trio of concerns – drawn from management and insurance giant Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey of 1,415 respondents – are those […]

Erick Hamdan – who works on value creation with business owners, investors and private equity building companies – reinforces how too many companies grow their revenue without knowing if they’re actually earning a reasonable margin. In the adage that “turnover is vanity and profit is sanity”, being profitable is critical at every stage of your […]

As a business owner you’ll have encountered the perennial challenges entailed in breaking through the various ‘number barriers’ to increase your team, your turnover and, most importantly – your profitability. Those of you who will have almost reached your goal – only to find that someone or something has thrown a proverbial spanner in the […]

Keeping the spotlight on the increasing number of businesses that will go digital in the future, I’m looking to develop a digitalised on-line form of my existing What If? peer group forums through cost effectively engaging my Southern California blog readership and other channels. To make my digital dream a reality I’m seeking your help […]

With May bank holidays mere distant memories – and the start of quarter three just 30-days away – are you hitting the figures the business needs to deliver its annual targets? We’ve previously stressed the importance of avoiding over-complicating your business strategy by creating wieldy and complex plans – in favour of ensuring everything you […]