Imagine your perfect management meeting where everyone leaves energised and full of enthusiasm, where your top team know what the top picture is, what they’ve got to do and how they’re going to do it.

Is your business driving you, or are you driving the business? Are you really getting out of the business what you want? Or are you getting up every day thinking ‘oh dear what more problems have I got to solve!’

Is your balance sheet strong enough to cope with the great recovery? What about cash in your business? Have you got enough cash to weather the storm?

What would be your three word phrase for the year ahead? Make more profit, see more people, take a break? They are all good suggestions and I encourage you to pick one that suits you and your business. Mine is ‘try more things’ and that is why I’m encouraging high performing and progressive CEOs to […]

What if we banned Christmas? Wouldn’t it be lovely not have to sit there and get writers cramp, writing those Christmas cards to people you hardly know. And then there is the rushing around the shops, finding presents for distant relatives you know little about…

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