As CEOs and business owners battle with the on-going challenge to achieve a work/life balance, US business travellers have discovered the secret of how to work AND play while away. An American Express survey revealed that despite one third of business travellers surveyed making more day as opposed to over-night stays over the last year, […]

Now that you’re back from your well-earned summer break, how long will it take your business to regain its vice like grip on your emotions and push your stress levels way up into the red zone? With over three decades of working as a business strategist and executive coach to high performing family business owner […]

In the immortal words of Parkinson’s Law, are you guilty of expanding your work to fill the time available? As an experienced executive coach, I’ve yet to find a business owner or leader not guilty of applying this law. In spite of promising to take more time off work – and to work less at […]

In the iconic words of rock legend Alice Cooper ‘Schools Out For Summer’ – but as the boss of the business are you chained to the ‘slave cave’ while your family chill in the glorious sunshine? In the knowledge that practicising what you preach starts with you as a leader, we can all take a […]

Guest Post By Nichola Whitehead If you find you’ve over-indulged after giving up fatty foods or alcohol for Lent, or treated yourself to too many chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns this Easter, when you start back at work after the long bank-holiday weekend, ensure you make time your health, or sooner or later, illness will […]

Tomorrow kicks off an eclectic and colourful global series of Easter celebrations. They include a White House ‘Eggstravaganza’ Easter Egg roll, trees decorated with hollowed-out, painted eggs in Germany, half-naked penitents whipping their backs with blades and bamboo sticks in the Philippines and Colombians demolishing iguana, turtle and rodent for their traditional Easter dinner. As […]

When we’re asked “how’s life?” by our colleagues, family and friends we almost always say “I’m fine”. However, when digging deeper and scrutinising our work life balance under a microscope – exactly how fine are we really? In my experience as a business strategist and performance coach, I’m aware that our glib and clichéd responses rarely […]

Guest post by Professor Cary L. Cooper Stress at work is now the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, and many EU countries as well. However, there is now an even more worrying phenomena, ‘presenteeism’, as people become more frightened of taking time off for illness. This was first noticed at the start […]

As business owners we’re often accused of over complicating things – sometimes with good reason. Those of who are regular readers to my blog know that, as a performance coach and business mentor I advocate solutions which are simple but effective such as how to achieve your business objectives in less than 30 hours a […]

Guest Blog by Cedric Farineau By the end of February gyms are emptying as thousands of us abandon our New Year resolutions to be fitter, slimmer and healthier. We all know that exercise is a brilliant way of beating stress, boosting our energy levels and even our business performance. The challenge is fitting regular exercise […]