How happy would you be if you were wheeled into A&E to discover your management team in charge of the department? Chances are you’d be feeling nervous, if not downright alarmed. So what are you going to do about that? During nearly three decades working as a business strategist and executive coach – and chairing peer […]

A concept that has worked wonders for the UK’s Olympic medal haul could hold the key to improving your sales performance in our near nil growth economy.   Apply the concept of the ‘Aggregation of Incremental Gains’: making small improvements to every stage of a whole process. Take a step back and look at your whole […]

In the countdown to the Equilux – when the day length equals the night time and the snow drops and crocii are replaced with a profusion of daffodils, spring is very much in the air. As a business strategist enjoying the signs of spring emerging from Harrogate’s historic Stray to the stunning Peace Gardens in […]

Is your industry or sector among those which are trapped in an exhausting, downward spiral and bouncing along the bottom with no end in sight? If so, there’s usually two options which owners managers think are left open to them – the first is to wait it out until the bitter end – and the […]

As a business owner are you prepared for what may be lurking – or prowling – around the corner? You can’t preempt every scenario that may come to test you, but keeping your eyes firmly fixed on the road ahead is integral to business growth and boosting profitability. I say this from my experience as […]

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with   If the words of the late motivational speaker and self help guru Jim Rohn are true, then think of the five or ten people you spend most time with and ask yourself:    What are these people doing? How passionate are […]

You may have temporarily staved off the debt disaster – but with the UK economy growing by just 0.1% in quarter 2, reinforcing that we are still teetering on the edge of a cliff and many customers are reluctant to buy – what is your new call to action for your business? Everyone is looking […]

Many businesses do not announce price increases according to a recent survey of What If forum members and clients – and those that do give between one to three months’ notice before implementing them.  As a business strategist and executive coach I know that, while there is no one “one size fits all” solution, key […]

As we toast and welcome in each New Year we then progress to making our list of New Year’s resolutions which invariably include a promise to work fewer hours and spend more time with the family. In my experience as a business mentor and executive coach who boosts the effectiveness and profitability of owner managed […]

Taking your customers for granted can be very costly, so having a plan that keeps them engaged can pay handsome dividends. Your customer engagement strategy does not need to be big and complex. As an experienced executive coach and business strategist, here are four simple and effective options you can use to achieve greater customer […]