I’d be very surprised if you were not experiencing some degree of emotional fallout from the most difficult decisions demanded of you in beefing up your business culture to achieve better financial controls. Having accepted –  after much introspection and soul searching – the type of boss you need to become, your solitary path includes […]

If our previous posts on toughening up your business culture to ramp up your financial controls and make your business more lucrative have made you think, act and lead differently – then brace yourself for what could conceivably be the most painful challenge to date. Establishing whether you really have what it takes to make […]

Having signed up to toughening up your business culture to dramatically improve your financial controls and your company’s profitability and long term viability, you will be prepared for more tough decisions ahead. The decision to make this change was not taken lightly – and this is a journey from which there is no turning back. […]

Having established that the road to better financial controls lies in changing the business culture from a nurturing, family ambiance to a tough numbers-driven environment – it’s time to get into the driving seat. In my What if Forums comprising groups of owner managers and bosses of family run businesses – the need for making […]

As with past year, I forecast that 2013 is going to be good in parts and even better in others – dependent upon the industry or sector you are operating in. As a performance coach and business strategist boosting the effectiveness and productivity of owner managed and family run businesses in Yorkshire and beyond, I […]

As business owners, running family enterprises and small and medium sized businesses, 2012 will have undoubtedly been a challenging twelve months following a particularly tough few years. Dependent upon what sector you operate in – the last twelve months will most likely have been harder for some owners than for others. As a business strategist […]

We hope you’re using our tips on turbo charging your strategic planning and asking the magic questions to boost your lead generation and conversion rates helpful. As a business strategist, urging owner managers to keep their sales pipeline flowing to fuel success and growth, I wanted to share some powerful tips from Sean McColgan’s excellent […]

As sure as day follows night, so business recovery will follow this low or no growth phase and already big business is invest for the recovery, according to former Tesco boss Terry Leahey. What steps are you talking to plan for the upturn and boost your profitability and business performance? Here are three areas to […]

Knowing the difference between processes and projects is crucial to growing your business and boosting your effectiveness and profitability. Processes are what you and your people do every day to deliver what the customer wants and expects. Projects are those activities that are not part of the normal work routine and which add the growth […]

A concept that has worked wonders for the UK’s Olympic medal haul could hold the key to improving your sales performance in our near nil growth economy.   Apply the concept of the ‘Aggregation of Incremental Gains’: making small improvements to every stage of a whole process. Take a step back and look at your whole […]