Tweet Tired of the ‘same old, same old’ ways of doing things and worried that, as a business owner, you and your top team are stuck in a rut and missing out on massive opportunities? Scientists scour the complexities, depths and breadths of what constitutes creativity and innovation – in my experience as an experience […]

Tweet In the adage that actions speak louder than words – how well you listen tells your team far more about you than all the words and presentations under the sun. We’ve previously discussed how failing to listen and speaking to the wall is a key warning sign of why leaders fail. This was reinforced […]

Tweet With many things in life it’s all too easy to talk about making changes – whether in our business or personal lives – because ultimately talk is cheap. However grasping the mettle and translating talk into tangible action is something else. The same principle applies when it comes to transforming your business culture – […]

Tweet Have you considered how operating a world class business – irrespective of your size and sector – would impact on your company’s performance and profitability? Why is it that some companies, such as Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, excel at this formula? They turn out three cars every fifty nine seconds all day, every […]

Tweet When we’re asked “how’s life?” by our colleagues, family and friends we almost always say “I’m fine”. However, when digging deeper and scrutinising our work life balance under a microscope – exactly how fine are we really? In my experience as a business strategist and performance coach, I’m aware that our glib and clichéd responses […]

Tweet As business owners we’re often accused of over complicating things – sometimes with good reason. Those of who are regular readers to my blog know that, as a performance coach and business mentor I advocate solutions which are simple but effective such as how to achieve your business objectives in less than 30 hours […]

Tweet Do you wonder why businesses frequently change their logos, decor and uniforms – and why supermarkets constantly alter the positioning of their products? What was wrong with how these companies used to look you may ask – after all everyone knew who they were and what they did – so why the need to […]

Tweet I’d be very surprised if you were not experiencing some degree of emotional fallout from the most difficult decisions demanded of you in beefing up your business culture to achieve better financial controls. Having accepted –  after much introspection and soul searching – the type of boss you need to become, your solitary path […]

Tweet If our previous posts on toughening up your business culture to ramp up your financial controls and make your business more lucrative have made you think, act and lead differently – then brace yourself for what could conceivably be the most painful challenge to date. Establishing whether you really have what it takes to […]

Tweet Having signed up to toughening up your business culture to dramatically improve your financial controls and your company’s profitability and long term viability, you will be prepared for more tough decisions ahead. The decision to make this change was not taken lightly – and this is a journey from which there is no turning […]