A 10-step Fitness Formula for Creating a Business Buzz

As business owners and managers we’re all too aware of the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle and work / life balance to fuel our energy levels, increase our effectiveness and boost our bottom line.

As business leaders, it’s vital that we not only encourage our employees to enjoy exercise and a balanced diet, but that we also practice what we preach by enhancing our own and their sense of well-being, increasing concentration and productivity – and reducing stress levels and absences through illness for the whole company.

Our latest blog promotes ‘best practice’ from Yorkshire and the US. Below are some tips from Viv Taylor of York-based VT Personal Training who lost over 4 stone since leaving her office-based Pension Administrator job to follow a career in the health and fitness industry.

  • Launch and sustain an early morning exercise class for staff at a venue that welcomes children.
  • Implement a flexible working policy so employees can shower after it or can leave early at night to attend a different exercise class.
  • Provide food storage and cooking facilities such as a small fridge, microwave and kettle in the staff room. Allowing employees to make good food choices and prepare their own meals means they’re more likely to eat healthier.
  • Let staff eat as and when they need to. Eating regularly ensures a stable blood sugar level which fuels concentration and productivity. They’ll also leave work more energised for their home life activities – which in turn helps them to stay focused on the work tasks. Also make fresh drinking water available.
  • Conduct work station assessments fully and correctly. No matter what the workplace setting, posture and position whilst working are of paramount importance.  Reducing instances of back, neck and shoulder, and hip pain will minimise downtime and days lost to posture related pain. Employees in pain are also more likely to be distracted and depressed.

Across the pond Wikihowtodoanything adds the following tips:

  • Send fitness emails to employees on a regular basis. Sending employees informative tips about health and exercise can indirectly promote fitness during work shifts.
  • Keep the workplace stocked with healthy snack and food options. Providing employees with healthier food options can in-directly promote fitness at work. Work with the company who stocks the vending machines in your office to have candy bars, soda, and other unhealthy food and drink replaced with healthier alternatives such as granola bars and bottled water.
  • Hire or recruit guest speakers to talk to employees about fitness. Providing education to employees about health and exercise can motivate them and teach them about new ways.
  • Host team building events that involve fitness. This practice can be a fun way to promote fitness, especially if all employees can attend the team builder.

The final tip from me is:

  • Sustain the momentum – like most successful programmes they need to be reinforced via the “Tell them, tell them you’ve told them – and tell them again formula”.

Embarking on this simple but effective programme will not only boost team-building and morale, but will generate a real buzz which permeates the workplace. So what is stopping you from getting going?

Viv Taylor runs VT Personal Training in York.  She specialises in tailored fitness and nutrition plans and runs Boot Camp fitness sessions at 7.30am three times a week in a family-friendly environment so children can entertain themselves while you train.  Viv can be contacted via e-mail via vtpersonaltraining@gmail.com, you can follow her on Twitter @vtails or keep up to date with the latest news via Facebook or her blog.

As a business strategist with decades of expertise in helping owner managers and family businesses to achieve a work/life balance, contact me on richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com or go to @richardwhatif on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or www.whatifforums.com.

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