A Four Pronged Formula to Fuel Precision and Excellence

Have you considered how operating a world class business – irrespective of your size and sector – would impact on your company’s performance and profitability?

Why is it that some companies, such as Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, excel at this formula? They turn out three cars every fifty nine seconds all day, every day.

As a business strategist and performance coach boosting the effectiveness of owner managed and family run businesses I was privy to a recent tour of the Sunderland facilities.

The experience gave me a brief but powerful glimpse of what is required to achieve a formula for precision and excellence. Here is my take on the formula for success:

Being Good is Not Good Enough

At Nissan everything is planned, organised and executed to perfection like a military operation. This way of working is critical when building to order and production planning is conducted 400 miles away in Paris. Those of you familiar with Michael Gerber’s E-Myth – in which processes and repetition of processes are critical to success – will understand the importance of everything being monitored and reviewed at every stage throughout the day with self-directed teams continuously encouraged to seek out ways to improve performance and ensure consistent quality. This is what I regard, applaud and champion about a World Class company.

Hire the Best – Not the Best Educated

In my experience aptitude is a key selection criteria over education. With nearly twenty five years of recruitment experience for high performance, the teams at Nissan Manufacturing have learnt how to do this well. Aptitude testing forms a big part of the selection process for the production line with each new recruit receiving an objective assessment and an individual plan with clear timescales and objective designed to help them achieve optimum performance as quickly as possible. This process is repeated throughout each employee’s time with the company to sustain these levels of optimum performance.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Everything is thought through with an obsessive attention to the minutiae detail. Not only are some of the best minds applied to each issue and challenge, Nissan also calls on the collective memory, experience and intellectual ‘know how’ of everyone in their teams throughout the business. The sheer inventiveness of the people on the line has to be seen to be believed, and some of the equipment and tools they have devised is ground breaking and world beating. As a result, employee morale and motivation is sky high and they are justly very proud of each item.

You Can Be Human and be World Class

Outside of this cutting edge technology and world class manufacturing techniques, it’s heartening to see how the final adjustment on the tailgate – the door or access gate – is carried out by a man made of flesh and blood with a lump hammer administering three taps so the door closes perfectly every time.

This was for me a truly aspirational and inspirational experience. For help in replicating the Nissan model to create a powerful high performance business unit which is world class and shines out among its competitors, e-mail me via richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com, go to @RichardWhatIf on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on www.whatifforums.com.

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