Are You Breaking up – or Breaking Down – This Easter?

Tomorrow kicks off an eclectic and colourful global series of Easter celebrations.

They include a White House ‘Eggstravaganza’ Easter Egg roll, trees decorated with hollowed-out, painted eggs in Germany, half-naked penitents whipping their backs with blades and bamboo sticks in the Philippines and Colombians demolishing iguana, turtle and rodent for their traditional Easter dinner.

As a business owner are you enjoying a work life balance and savouring that school day feeling of ‘breaking up for the holiday’ – or are you on the verge of breakdown because you are exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed?

If the latter it’s invariably because your business is failing to deliver the life you want and your company is driving you as opposed to you being emphatically in control behind the steering wheel.

With notable exceptions for occupations and sectors including emergency services, tourism and the dreaded traffic wardens, the next four days should be dedicated to relaxation and spending magical moments with family and friends to give them the quality time that they deserve.

As a father of two grown up daughters I can’t stress the importance of spending time with your kids – particularly in the early days – because they’ll never be this young again.

There is only one first time for everything and you can’t wind back the clock so, grab the opportunity, get off out there and immerse yourself in the fun and laughter that only comes from family enjoyment.

If you’re seeking to broaden your horizons on the leisure front, why not throw yourself into micro adventures to stimulate and reinvigorate your mind body and soul.

Get up and out into the fresh air and enjoy the myriad of sights, sounds and smells around you. Become reacquainted with your partner and loved ones, meet up with friends – and switch off from work for the entire weekend.

After the Easter weekend when you’re in the right frame of mind and feeling relaxed, instead of leaping back on the proverbial hamster wheel, take yourself off for a personal retreat for two whole days to take stock of your life and your business.

Decide what is most important to you, what you want to achieve personally and professionally – and what this will cost in time, money and effort. Devise a list of priorities and compile a life plan and exit strategy so you have a goal to work to.

Remember you only get one life – so go and live it.

What tips can you share with us on how to maximise your work life balance this Easter?  Leave a comment below, e-mail me via, go to @RichardWhatIf on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on

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