Business Coach – a business strategist or non-exec offering executive coaching

As a business strategist and executive coach I help Chief Executives and business owners to attract, build and retain outperforming teams who are all collectively driving the business in the same direction. In doing so they start to amaze the business leaders who employ them and shine in the eyes of the non-executive directors and business strategists that drive them.

With executive coaching I take these leaders through a process whereby they share their top priorities with their teams – which results in their teams being self accountable.

The process I undertake as a non-executive director, business strategist or executive coaching specialist with Chief Executives and business leaders also enables them to:

  • Communicate with authority and confidence to people at all levels and to communicate the business mission and vision with clarity and purpose
  • Improve their sales performance using business strategist driven targets
  • Develop planning and business strategist thinking skills
  • Improve their business skills to think and act like a manager and a leader
  • Take their business to the next level

Effective business leaders are those who equip their key people with the skills required in the new market conditions – and reap the benefits as their teams flourish in the ‘post recession climb back’  I work with bosses to achieve this powerful impact by equipping the Chief Executives – who in turn equip their teams – with the latest business thinking.

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